Thoughts on the homeschool gig

I was reading a blog post today (Brenda Kaye Rufener's Homeschool Diaries) that listed some of the dumber things people say to homeschoolers. Many of the questions & comments she mentioned are things I've experienced over the years. Some of them make me laugh, some leave me dumbstruck, and some of them make me want... Continue Reading →

A life exposed …

Have you ever had your perception of someone changed completely after getting to know them better? I mean really changed. Like one of those situations where news reporters are talking to the ax-murderer's neighbors, and the neighbors are saying things like, "We had no idea our kindly old librarian next door was stuffing paperboys into... Continue Reading →

Another blog?

How in the world did I end up with another blog? And why do I feel compelled to use it? Nobody would know if I simply allowed it to lie fallow in the online world. But I somehow got tricked into getting this, and am not the type to waste the gift, such as it... Continue Reading →

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