You can find me (not) here

Hey, everyone! I realized (hopefully not too late in the game) that my A to Z Challenge comments left on WordPress blogs are leading everyone here, rather than my editing blog, Easy Reader, which is where all my own A to Z posts are located.

If you’ve ended up here by mistake, I hope it’s not an unpleasant experience for you. I have a few posts lying about for you to read if you feel like exploring, and I encourage you to browse at your leisure. I love hearing what people think, as long as they agree with me completely and are utterly devoted to me.

If you’re horribly put out by having to search for me, I’ll just apologize now and we’ll get past all that awkwardness. Cross your eyes at me, stick out your tongue, stamp your feet at the injustice of it all and then head on over to my other blog without a backward glance.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Many hugs and kisses (especially to those of you who were inconvenienced but who still love me anyway),