It’s been a while . . .

You know how people say that time flies when you’re having fun? I’ve found that time flies whether you’re having fun or not. I took a “little” break this spring and now here we are, close to the end of the year. I will admit that I simply can’t keep this particular blog on any type of schedule. I love writing my thoughts but I need to focus on my business blog, so that’s the priority for now. Plus, I don’t enjoy it when I’m forced to write to a schedule, rather than when I’m inspired. In the meantime, you’ll get the random ramblings from time to time and hopefully it will be enough for me to feel satisfied with it.

Since last time:

  • We graduated our youngest child from high school, wrapping up a full 20 years of homeschooling three children.
  • We threw a party for ourselves previously mentioned child so we could all celebrate the fact that I no long have to create a list of teaching objectives and an affidavit for the school district; purchase and organize curriculum; cover the required amount of topics to honestly claim credit hours on a transcript; put all the essential information into a portfolio; pay for an evaluator to interview the student and sign off on it; and hand in the paperwork to the school district, repeating this process year after year after year for each child.
  • We celebrated some more as our oldest graduated from cosmetology school, third in his class (with a 97% average), job already waiting for him—with the bonus surprise of him receiving the Outstanding Student Award. Listening as his teachers told everyone what great guy and hard worker he is made me want to jump up and down, shouting, “That one’s mine!” while taking all the credit for his success, knowing full well that he’s the one who studied, and that his best personality traits come from Tim anyway.
  • We experienced the first of our children moving out of the house to an apartment. It’s the natural order of things, but it still feels weird now and then to not see him for weeks at a time since he’s about 50 minutes from our home now. The weirdness is offset by seeing how happy he is.
  • We enjoyed seeing our middle child go on a mini-tour of the midwest with his band, getting to know and travel with a bunch of other fun band guys. The experience was a good one and gave him a new list of places he wants to visit again. He also had the incredible opportunity to open a show for Disciple and it was every bit as terrific as anticipated.
  • I got to go on a four-day vacation trip to Niagara Falls with my BFF! Having four whole days away together almost made up for not getting to see each other for almost two and a half years.
  • I finally made a space in the house for an office. My very own little room took shape over the summer months after hours of emptying, cleaning, scraping, painting, repainting the Nightmare Ceiling from Hell, ordering a desk and shelf from IKEA, assembling said items, getting a brand new desktop computer with an extra monitor, and settling in for some of the most efficient editing work I’ve done in years.
  • My Favorite Boss of All Time left to take a job over five hours away, so now I have a new favorite boss (apparently I adapt well). My own job continues to morph as time goes by, and it’s allowing me to focus on my household better and my business, too.
  • Not all the activities have been fun. Early in the summer, my hubs was finally properly diagnosed with something that shouldn’t have been missed for almost 15 years. Thank goodness for a new family doctor and young-doctor thinking. Some things are workable, some may not be, but in the meantime, we’ve dealt with a battery of tests, a lot of what-ifs, and surgery coming up in a week. Our God is bigger than any of this, so we’re not panicking, but it’s certainly inspired a lot of reevaluating where the upcoming months are concerned.
  • I’ve had a really incredible time of growth with my business, and am eagerly looking forward to where I can take it next year.
  • On the lighter side, I somehow got roped into a challenge at work that involves eating healthy and losing the biggest percentage of body weight by the end of February. We’re all bummed at setting ourselves up for failure difficulties during the holiday season, but no one wanted to back down because we’re all pretty intent on rubbing it in each other’s faces when we win. I can’t even imagine what this is going to turn into, but it’s sure to be interesting.

So there are all the thoughts that have been rumbling through my brain and life all summer and fall. I suppose I shouldn’t wait as long to write the next post . . . let’s just see if I’m motivated. Right?

See you when I see you!


7 thoughts on “It’s been a while . . .

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your homeschooling! I remember the relief when our youngest had a party with three friends who had been part of so many group activities, a special little party for the class of four. I made each girl a doll cake with her choice of cake and colors, and they were beautiful in the photos holding their cakes. Three were from PA, mine from NJ (where the regulations are non-existent, or I wouldn’t have been able to educate my children).

    It will take a while to disconnect from that identity, and to place many of the things you will no longer need, but you’re not moving, so you’re in no hurry to get rid of the extra-long metal ruler (used for science fair and other projects), the math books (we never used them again, and no one wanted them), or the paper-cutter.

    Best wishes to your husband, and I hope he’s much improved by having the right diagnosis soon.

    You’ve set yourself up quite a schedule – don’t worry if you have to back off for a while on a goal or two – life keeps handing us new stuff. It’s all good.

    1. Thanks, Alicia! I have found, strangely, that the hardest things to get rid of have been terrific historical fiction—we loved them when we read them, but can’t see ourselves going through them again in the big sea of Books Still To Be Read. Such terrific reads that many people aren’t familiar with.

      My husband’s diagnosis (hemochromatosis) has caused a lot of previously unrelated symptoms to make perfect sense, and unfortunately the late diagnosis has contributed to a good bit of damage already done that’s mostly irreversible. We’re taking each step day by day and adapting the rest of it as we go.

      Even so, I’m anticipating the months ahead with eagerness and hope that good things are around the bend.

      1. Books in general got the short shrift when we moved, and I had already donated a lot to the library.

        Historical fiction – and you haven’t been able to offer it to other homeschoolers or your public library? So sad – and books are heavy. I know there are programs (which sometimes pay for the shipping) to replenish school libraries which have been damaged by hurricanes and floods, but the process of finding one…

        Even prisons are picky about what they take.

        Good luck with that – there are a lot of people in the same boat.

        I hope your husband’s diagnosis will at least prevent further damage from the excess iron, and hope some of it can be reversed. As someone with a ‘mystery illness,’ I know how difficult it can be, and how easily it can be assumed to be ‘all in your head.’

        Good things ARE ahead of you. Funny you should say ‘around the bend.’ I just posted – with a photo from Stencil that shows a road with a bend – on my blog.

        Be prepared for some down time, and some feelings of having lost your purpose. It is a form of grief for the time you spent educating your children – and the closeness that brings sometimes. It doesn’t go away, but it fades a bit – and you knew they would have to move on.

        Motherhood is where you are successful if your children leave you. Planned obsolescence (I don’t nag mine after they reach 25; before that there were still things I needed to teach them; the youngest is 26).

        You did a good job. Now have more fun.

    1. Hi, Lee! It’s certainly been a busy handful of months, that’s for sure. And Niagara Falls did not disappoint. It’s still doing its thing and S.K. Anthony & I enjoyed every moment of our time together. We’re already planning what we can do next and where we can cause chaos.

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