Here’s where you can find me these days

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t keep this blog active with any regularity. It’s not because I’m not writing, but because of where I’m writing.

If you’re interested in writing advice from an editor’s point of view, visit my website,, and browse through my blog there. I made the decision to move my editing blog there from its old Blogspot site, and have been really happy with the look and the overall engagement there. I post every two weeks with amazing regularity.

You can also find me on Writers After Dark each month, where I have my own feature called Ask Lynda the Awesomest Editor™. It’s a fun Q&A that gives good advice while not taking itself too seriously.

And last but not least, if you’re interested in whatever my random thoughts happen to be when they’re not focused on writing, feel free to check me out on Medium. I suppose that’s what’s taken the place of this blog, in many ways. I share some of my writing blog posts there, but I also write about life’s ups and downs, random observations, and all kinds of things that pour from my brain at odd hours of the night. Note: Medium is a subscription service where non-members can read two stories/articles per month for free, but if there’s something you really want to read and have hit your limit already, contact me to ask for a friend link for any of my stories, and I’ll happily provide one.

So there you go. I may not be posting on this particular blog, but I can certainly be found and would love to hear from you in my various social media places.

Feel free to follow my Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts too, if that’s where you’re most comfortable.

See you around the interwebs!


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